Bring your own project (or help one of the others) and hang out with others interested in technology, open source & social media.

Amenez votre projet (ou aidez un des autres) et passez du bon temps en compagnie de gens intéressés à la technologie, le logiciel libre et les médias sociaux.

The PHP Quebec team is pleased to invite you to the codeFest PHP Quebec 3.0 that will be held in Montreal on May 2-3, 2009. A TestFest will be held simultaneously so join the effort of testing the php language itself.

The codeFest is a great opportunity to meet with peers PHP, Python, Ruby, Java developers and share knowledge and participate in the development of OpenSource software and social media.

Senior & Junior developers from the PHP, Python, Ruby, Java community are invited to join us for 2 days of optimization & Unit Testing of your favorite OpenSource project.

The codeFest 3.0 is sponsored by Conférence PHP Québec (external link) & Microsoft Canada (external link). Microsoft is please to provide free development servers fully equipped with IIS, SQLServer to all those who wish to increase the portability of their favorite OpenSource software to the Windows environment. Plus if you submit your application to the Microsoft ThrownDown (external link) contest you may be illegible to win a 10 000$ price!

For more details on this offer visit their website (external link).

Proposed Projects in 3.0:
  • MediaWiki
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
  • BeWelcome
  • Habari
  • Anne G. wikigraphe
  • PHP Unit Tests
  • PHP Quebec Employment section
  • Laconica (external link) sera présent (ideas (external link))
  • Validation Testing Framework
  • Your project! (Contact us )


  • Improve the performance of OpenSource projects
  • Improve code quality of OpenSource projects by writing unit tests
  • Improve the portability of OpenSource projects on the IIS Web Server and SQL Server
  • Improve the PHP language by writing unit tests

We are currently looking for:
  • 1-2 sponsors to help cover expenses such as food and drinks (500$) contact no later than April 20.
  • Project leader for Drupal
  • Project leader for WordPress
  • Project leader for Typo3
  • Mentors for the testing of the PHP language

Date & Time
  • Friday May 1st 19:00-22:00 (social/casual/unofficial warm-up)
  • Saturday May 2nd 9:00-18:00 (codeFest)
  • Sunday May 3rd 9:00-18:00 (codeFest)

Location : Helm - 273 Bernard W. ( (external link))

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