codeFest PHP Québec 2.1

The next codeFest PHP Québec 2.1 will be held simultaneously in Montréal and in Sherbrooke, Canada, May 16th to 18th, 2008

Senior & junior developers from all programming languages (PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.) are invited to join us for 2 days of optimization & unit/functional testing of your favorite Open Source project. In the "from-concepts-to-code" and "from-standards-to-solutions" series and following on the great success of CodeFest 1 & 2, where we worked on OpenID, microformats, and other projects, the codeFest strikes again!

Location & Dates:

In Montreal

In Sherbrooke:

Also on:



  • Heri Rakotomalala (Montreal Tech Watch)
  • Philippe Gamache (TikiWiki security audit)
  • Marc Laporte (TikiWiki)
  • Evan Prodromou (MediaWiki)
  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau (TikiWiki performance)
  • Sylvain Mathon (PhpQuébec)
  • Christine Davis (Wordpress)
  • Stéphane Thibault (MediaWiki)
  • David Lesieur (Drupal)
  • Anna Filina (job section for phpquebec)
  • Yann Larrivée (job section for phpquebec)
  • Francis Bégin
  • Jean-François Pelletier
  • Patrick Fournier (Drupal)
  • Jonathan Bond-Caron
  • Marc-André Dulude (Masters' degree on open source)
  • Morgan Tocker (Mysql, BeWelcome)
  • David Avenante (test suite)
  • +2 members of phpquebec



  • Nelson Ko


"CodeFEST" events generally have the following goals:

  1. To raise awareness amongst the broader coder community of selected projects/topics.
  2. To increase volunteer participation in these projects and train new coders.
  3. To network with users to discuss how to meet real user requirements.
  4. To actually code something during the event.

CodeFest topics include general web content management or Web 2.0.

For example, at the January 08 Codefest held in Montreal, the topics were "Microformats" and "Wiki Translation". For Microformats, a number of CMS added or enhanced support for it, and support for hCalendar was added to TikiWiki CMS/Groupware (external link). For "Wiki Translation (external link)", we had a workshop to define user requirements and the overall plan of the project.

Reports of that event: Montreal Tech Watch (external link) - Microformats Montreal Tech Watch - Wiki Translation (external link)

Previous events:
CodeFest 1 (external link)
CodeFest 2 (external link)

Proposed Projects in 2.1:
  • MediaWiki
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
  • BeWelcome
  • Habari
  • Anne G. wikigraphe
  • PHP Quebec Employment section
  • Widget by Jonathan Bond-Caron
  • Testing application by David Avenante

  • Your project! (Contact us )

  • Improve the performance & reliability of Open Source projects
  • Improve code quality of Open Source projects by writing unit tests

We are currently looking for:
  • 1-2 Sponsor to help cover expenses such has food and drinks (500$) contact
  • Project leader for Drupal
  • Project leader for WordPress
  • Project leader for Typo3

Sponsored by:

Upcoming events

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